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Singapore Independent Film Fair is a global platform for Independent Filmmakers, covering the art of filmmaking and storytelling. It aims towards connecting people from diverse and rich cultural hubs of the world. SIFF organizes annual award ceremonies, provides distribution opportunities, and builds an ever-growing active network of independent filmmakers worldwide. We support independent filmmakers to grow their career in this highly competitive field by showcasing their works in a global platform earning them recognitions and rewards.

Singapore Independent Film Fair is a monthly film festival. This festival is held every month selecting winners to compete for the grand prize at its Annual Yearly Gala event. In Southeast Asia, Singapore has emerged as a prime place for film production. With a slew of media companies setting up offices, Singaporean names are emerging in the film and television industries. With high-profile events and conferences on the rise, Lion City is quickly becoming a global force in the increasingly high-staking game of content creation. For our filmmakers, it is vital that their work gets screened within some of the most famous thriving film business-oriented metropolitan cities of the world.

Each month more than 50 films from the different categories are officially selected and out of them, at least one per category is awarded. All these monthly winners are automatically qualified for the annual live screening gala in the Lion City and can be nominated for the prestigious Best of the Best Awards. The annual event is a glamorous red-carpet premiere with press conferences and gala parties in Singapore, in the presence of international movie celebrities and media. The participants have excellent opportunities to exchange their ideas, ideologies and cultural diversities. The winners have a chance to meet with the audience and participate in Q&A after the screening for a healthy discussion about the film.

The certificate is proudly presented by Singapore Independent Film Fair for Outstanding Achievement award for best short film.

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