The Secret Project 53 Trailer

A secret experiment called Rokamboll of manipulating people using a love letter, created the perfect weapon that went out of control.
He wrote the love letter long time ago, nobody knows what is Rokamboll a person, or a secret project, but it is a secret experiments went out of contro. The love is the perfect weapon that can be used to manipulate the people.
On the end the wife Rebekka realized that the perfect weapon is her husband Bruce that turn out to have a secret life.

I am writing to you because I love you ...

Certificate of Merit Official selection for The Secret Project 53, short fiction by Chambal International Film Festival, Kota 2021 Season 4.
Chambal International Film Festival

Golden State Film Festival

Best Short Film, featured on ShortsDaily Roku Channel
February, 2021 | Los Angeles, California
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Chambal International Film Festival

Best Short Film
January, 2021 | Mumbai, India
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Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

The Secret Project 53
Winner, Best First Time Director June, 2020
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